Composition demos & Atiptoe update!

Well it certainly has been a while since my last post! Recently I’ve been busy working on stuff with Atiptoe as well as creating some more composition demos and I’ve also commissioned a piece! You can find my new demos in the “Compositions” playlist on my music page. The piece I commissioned is also in the playlist, it’s called “Eyefreight ident track”; its quite short but its for a logo video. I should hopefully have the video up soon.

In other news, Atiptoe have been fairly busy! We’ve finished recording our second EP so now it just has to be mixed and edited then it will be ready for release! Check out the second studio diary below.

We recently played Basingstoke Live festival and our next gig will be at the Star in Guildford with Yearbook on Tuesday 30th July. Full event details can be found here.

I’m going to head off now and continue writing this new track, hopefully it will be finished soon!


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